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Last week I attended the Good Housekeeping Institute in London for the UK launch of Norwegian fjord trout, a unique and versatile salty-sweet water trout which until now has not been readily available in the UK. It has a mild, delicate flavour and melt in the mouth texture and it doesn’t taste ‘fishy’, which makes it perfect for people who are a bit on-the-fence about fish. It is also incredibly healthy, it’s an oily fish which stores it’s fat mainly in it’s belly which means that the flesh is lean and full of protein, vitamins and omega.


Good Housekeeping Institute



I tend to be quite boring when it comes to cooking and eating fish – usually sticking to salmon, so I am very pleased to have found a different fish that I like just as much, if not more than salmon. At a glance, fjord trout could actually be mistaken for salmon, but it is actually quite different, the flesh is a deeper, more intense shade of orange-red and the flavour is milder. It can be used in a similar way though, but is best simply grilled or pan fried to enhance its flavours, but it can also be baked with citrus fruits and herbs, barbecued, cured or marinated as ceviche. There was a fantastic selection of canapes at the event, all using the trout in different ways and all of them were utterly delicious, I may have eaten a few too many!



We also had a demonstration from Michelin starred chef Daniel Galmiche on how to fillet the trout; he then simply pan fried some fillets with oil, parsley and flaked almonds. I would never have thought to serve fish with almonds but they were lovely together and the contrast in textures between the soft fish and crunchy nuts was fabulous. He also had a great tip to stop your pans from getting scratched and smelling fishy when you cook fish – line the pan with a sheet of greaseproof paper and cook the fish on top of it; this prevents the fish from sticking to the pan and the smell permeating it, a very handy tip that I will definitely be using from now on!


Fjord trout on the left, salmon on the right



Daniel Galmiche demonstrating how to fillet fjord trout



Pan fried fjord trout with parsley and almonds

The fjord trout are raised crystal-clear salty-sweet fjords which are fed by glaciers, the fish are given a vast amount of space to swim around in and are fed a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet to help them grow slowly which not only produces excellent quality fish but they are also very sustainable and available year-round. Norwegian Fjord Trout will be sold in side format across selected Tesco fish counters from this month at an estimated price of £12.50/kg, customers will be able to request their quantity and the fishmonger will portion accordingly.



With Michelin starred chef Daniel Galmiche


With Diana Of Little Sunny Kitchen

This post is in collaboration with Norwegian Seafood Council, thank you for supporting the brands that keep Domestic Gothess going. All opinions are my own.

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    • hannahhossack
      October 19, 2016 at 11:11 am (2 years ago)

      It was really interesting, and the trout is absolutely delicious!

  1. Miranda
    October 22, 2016 at 9:21 pm (2 years ago)

    Wow, this looks like such a fun experience! And that fish sounds delicious!


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