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Mocha Hazelnut Milk & Froothie Optimum Vac2 Vacuum Blender Review

Mocha hazelnut milk – the best way to drink your coffee is in this from scratch hazelnut milk with chocolate and coffee! (Vegan/refined sugar free).

Mocha hazelnut milk - the best way to drink your coffee is in this from scratch hazelnut milk with chocolate and coffee! (Vegan/refined sugar free). #vegan #nutmilk #coffee #chocolate

Have you ever tried making your own nut milk? It is easy to do, and while it does require some preparation as the nuts need to soak overnight, it results in a much creamier, more flavourful milk than those that you can buy at the store. You can also flavour it as you like, as I did here with this delicious mocha hazelnut milk. (more…)

Chai Spiced Cashew Butter & Froothie Optimum 9400 Review

Chai spiced cashew butter – a delicious, flavourful homemade nut butter; you’ll want to slather it on everything!

Chai spiced cashew butter - a delicious, flavourful homemade nut butter; you'll want to slather it on everything!

Chai spiced cashew nut butter - smooth, creamy, lightly spiced and utterly addictive! #vegan #healthy

Have you ever tried making your own nut butter? It is really easy to do and you can make so many different delicious combinations. The only problem is that you do need a food processor or blender that is powerful enough to cope with it – I did once manage to burn out the motor of a flimsier model whilst making praline paste (which is basically the same as nut butter). (more…)

An Evening Of Cheese, Wine And Pickle Pairing

Learn how different cheeses, pickles and chutneys can affect the taste of wine, enabling you to pick the best combination! Post sponsored by Branston.

Branston pickle, cheese and wine

Cheese and wine is an obvious combination; but have you ever really thought about exactly what wine to pair with which cheese and what to serve as an accompaniment to really get the best flavour out of the combination? I certainly hadn’t until I was invited along by Branston to an evening of learning about wine, cheese and pickle pairing and had my eyes opened to a whole new world of flavour enhancement. (more…)

Stokes Sauces Review & Win A Foodie Trip To Greece

A review of Stokes Sauces tasty real mayonnaise and range of sauces and details of how you could win a foodie trip for two to Greece. Post sponsored by Stokes.

Stokes Sauces real mayonnaise review

Have you heard of Stokes Sauces? I have to admit that I hadn’t until I was sent some to try, but I’m now a new convert to them, particularly their Stokes Real Mayonnaise which is the best mayonnaise from a jar that I have ever tried! (more…)

The Big Foodies Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a foodie? Read the Domestic Gothess 2017 foodies Christmas gift guide for inspiration and enter the giveaway for a chance to win prizes!

2017 foodies Christmas gift guide

It is that time of year when I start to panic about not having bought any Christmas presents for anyone yet and wrack my brains trying to think what to get for people. I am not great at finding the perfect gift, except when it comes to foodies! If you are struggling to find a gift for the foodie in your life then read on as I’ve got loads of inspiration for you here! (more…)

Review – Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor

Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor

Yes, this is a review of a bin, but the Titan trash compactor is no ordinary rubbish bin; It features a patented, hygienic compaction system that allows it to hold up to 3 times more waste inside than any other bin of the same size. Because it enables you to compact your waste, it means that it doesn’t need to be emptied as often, saving you money on bin liners. Also, If you are one of those unfortunate enough to have been cut down to alternate week bin collection then it means that you don’t fill up your outside bin as quickly. (more…)

Percy Pig Turns 25!

Percy Pig

Percy pig turned 25 years old this July, yep, a whole quarter of a century! The classic sweets have been around since I was six years old so it’s safe to say that I’ve enjoyed a fair few of them in my time! It is incredibly hard to resist picking up a packet every time you pop into M&S… (more…)

A Peek At Iceland’s Autumn Collection

Iceland's autumn collection

Last week I took a trip to London to attend Iceland’s Autumn collection showcase at the swanky Aveqia. The purpose of the event was to unveil their up and coming Autumn range of products and to see how they can be prepared. The menu focused around the themes of new vegetable innovations, luxury fish and the launch of Iceland’s new own-label ice cream, and the tasters were prepared under the supervision of Neil Nugent, Iceland’s head chef, who also took the time to come and chat to us about the food and answer any questions we had.

The food was truly some of the best I have ever eaten, all of it cooked from frozen. Many of the dishes and combinations of ingredients I would never have been able to come up with but it was all absolutely delicious and it was really interesting to see frozen food used to create such fine dining.


Higgidy Pies Review – My Kind Of Perfect.

Higgidy pies review - perfectly imperfect

It is no secret that I love to cook; I mean, I run a food blog for goodness sake! But even the most passionate of cooks have days where they really don’t want to have to cook, or just don’t have time to; and on those kinds of days I am happy to turn to something pre-made for a quick and easy meal. My most common go-to’s are pizza, tortelloni, or, my favourite, a Higgidy pie or quiche with salad. (more…)

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