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Chocolate Chip Almond Waffles

chocolate chip almond waffles - fluffy waffles made with ground almonds and filled with chocolate chips; perfect for an indulgent breakfast or brunch.

chocolate chip almond waffles - fluffy waffles made with ground almonds and filled with chocolate chips; perfect for an indulgent breakfast or brunch.

I unsurprisingly own quite a lot of kitchen equipment (and yet still covet more!); a lot of it gets used regularly; some things, such as the ice cream maker and deep fryer, get brought out every now and again; and some things shamefully get used once then shoved in a drawer never to see the light of day again. My poor waffle maker was one of those things that got used once then put away. It makes no sense to have neglected it so, seeing as how both I and Damian love waffles; I suppose I merely forgot about it’s existence. I came across it whilst attempting to clear out a cupboard and vowed to put it to more frequent use; these chocolate chip almond waffles were a perfect reminder of just how good waffles can be. (more…)

Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Truffles

Hot cross bun chocolate truffles - rich, decadent chocolate ganache truffles flavoured with spices and mixed dried fruit, topped with a white chocolate cross.

Hot cross bun chocolate truffles - rich, decadent chocolate ganache truffles flavoured with spices and mixed dried fruit, topped with a white chocolate cross.

I only realised a couple of days ago just how close we are to Easter. This year seems to be flying by already and while I am relieved that Winter is over and the weather is warming up, time does seem to be passing by at an alarming rate. I hadn’t planned any Easter recipes at all so whipped up these hot cross bun chocolate truffles so that I at least had something Easter related on the blog. (more…)

Healthier Chocolate Banana Waffles

Yesterday I took a trip to London to attend the first ever Best Of PinterestUK awards as several (five!) of my recipes had been shortlisted; I didn’t win in the end but my spiralized vegetable noodle bowls did come runner up in the best healthy recipe category (beaten by a recipe by Fearne Cotton) for which I won a whole kilo of chocolate. Even better than the chocolate though was actually getting to meet a load of my fellow food bloggers, most of whom I had thus far only known online and who were all even lovelier in real life. (more…)

Mocha Marshmallows

Mocha marshmallows - pillowy soft homemade marshmallows flavoured with espresso coffee and rippled with dark chocolate

You may think that marshmallows are tricky to make at home, but actually they are really easy. It does involve scalding hot sugar syrup though, so they aren’t a project to make with kids; but they involve very few ingredients and most of the work is done by your stand mixer. For very little effort you will be rewarded with pillowy soft marshmallows in any flavour you choose. One little word of warning however – unset marshmallow is the stickiest substance known to man and if you aren’t careful it will get EVERYWHERE! (Including in your hair….yes. yes I did). (more…)

Chocolate Ginger Pumpkin Bread Wreath & September & October Degustabox Review

Chocolate and ginger filled yeasted pumpkin bread twisted wreath

Are we over pumpkin yet or do I still have time to share a couple more recipes? Given than tinned pumpkin will keep for years and butternut squash is available year round there’s really no reason why we should be limited to a short ‘pumpkin season’, and yet I feel like if I were to share pumpkin recipes in the Summer they would just sink without a trace. I’ve got a couple more to share before everyone loses interest, starting with this chocolate ginger pumpkin bread wreath. (more…)

Chocolate Porter (Or Stout) Ice Cream & A Giveaway

milk chocolate porter (or stout) beer ice cream with porter caramel sauce

It was only a few years ago, while managing a country pub, that I started to like beer; before then I had found the taste too bitter. But maybe something to do with the fact that I was serving many pints of it a day and taking care of the casks in the cellar changed my mind, and I grew to appreciate the bitterness. I have not however managed to grow to like drinking stout or porter, it is just too strong for me; but, pair it with chocolate and add to to ice cream (or cake) then it is a whole different story. Used in this way the deep, rich flavour complements and accentuates the chocolate and adds a malty flavour without overpowering. It is in short, utterly delicious.


Pistachio Stracciatella Ice Cream & May 2016 Degustabox Review

Pistachio stracciatella ice cream - creamy pistachio ice cream with flecks of dark chocolate (egg free)

We have had some truly hot, summery weather recently, perfect for ice cream. Not that I think there is ever a bad time for ice cream, but you can’t deny that it is much more satisfying when eaten in the sunshine; preferably on a beach. Though living in Birmingham there is a definite shortage of beaches nearby… In the garden then. (more…)

Double Chocolate Almond Raisin Muffins & A Giveaway

Jumbo double chocolate almond raisin muffins

I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks recently, there has been some very grown-up stuff happening (words like mortgage! Solicitors! Conveyancing!), and some not-so-grown-up stuff (epic pirate cake baking!), as well as several friends coming to stay; so unfortunately I’ve had very little time for blogging and my social media has been thoroughly neglected. I thought I would ease back into things with something simple – double chocolate almond raisin muffins, because muffins are some of the easiest things you can make. (more…)

S’mores Eclairs & A Giveaway

S'mores eclairs - crisp, craquelin topped choux pastry fingers with toasted marshmallow creme patissiere, chocolate, toasted marshmallows & crushed digestive biscuit

The last few days I have achieved precisely nothing. The reason for this is three months old, loud, and prone to waking at 4am; aka my niece. I was babysitting for a couple of days and despite my best intentions to get some work done while she was here I failed miserably; if anyone can share the secret to taking care of a baby and dog whilst also working and doing the cooking and cleaning AND somehow managing to fit in some time to sleep please do share! The whole experience left me in need of something sweet, but fitting in baking and photography as well would have been a step too far! Unfortunately I made (and ate) these s’mores eclairs a couple of days before babysitting, so there were none left by the time I needed one! (more…)

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