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Chocolate Berry Granola

Chocolate berry granola - a healthy way to eat chocolate for breakfast!

Chocolate berry granola - a healthy way to eat chocolate for breakfast!

We are currently renovating our kitchen so cooking and baking is pretty much impossible at the moment (though I did somehow manage to make jam in the study yesterday!). So far I have learned how to plaster and next up is woodwork and tiling! It will be at least a couple of weeks yet before we are finished but hopefully the kitchen will be usable again in about a week once we put the sink in and actually have water downstairs! I will keep you updated on our progress and fingers crossed we will have a much nicer kitchen than the ugly, outdated one that we ripped out once we are done. (more…)

Chocolate Coffee Cardamom Biscuits

Chocolate coffee and cardamom biscuits (cookies) - Domestic GothessI’ve been feeling really old the last few days…I’ll be 29 later on this month, which yes, I know is not really very old at all. But I went out clubbing (to a rock club, of course) for the first time in over six months on Saturday, spent most of the night dancing and had a brilliant time; aaand it’s taken me four days to recover from it… I woke up the morning after and everything hurt! I like to think that I’m fairly fit, I walk at least six miles every day (dogs are brilliant for fitness), and do kettlebell/bodyweight workouts three times a week (how else do you think I get away with baking so much…?!); and yet a bit of dancing has completely done me in! Not to mention the bit where I didn’t get to bed till nearly 4am, that left me zombified for two days; I dread to think how awful I would have felt if I’d had a hangover as well… (more…)