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Boozy Coffee Milkshakes

Boozy coffee milkshakes – get your caffeine, sugar and alcohol fixes all in one with this indulgent grown-up treat!

Boozy coffee milkshakes - get your caffeine, sugar and alcohol fixes all in one with this indulgent grown-up treat!

Boozy coffee milkshakes - get your caffeine, sugar and alcohol fix with this indulgent grown-up treat!

Ok so I guess I should really be posting a smoothie recipe right now, not an indulgent milkshake. This goes against the usual January healthy eating thing, as well as Dry January AND Veganuary (though actually it can be converted to vegan if needed); but you know what? I think that January could do with a little indulgence like a boozy coffee milkshake; it’s all about balance. And besides, these would be perfect for Valentine’s Day dessert, which will be here before we know it. (more…)

Mocha Marshmallows

Mocha marshmallows - pillowy soft homemade marshmallows flavoured with espresso coffee and rippled with dark chocolate

You may think that marshmallows are tricky to make at home, but actually they are really easy. It does involve scalding hot sugar syrup though, so they aren’t a project to make with kids; but they involve very few ingredients and most of the work is done by your stand mixer. For very little effort you will be rewarded with pillowy soft marshmallows in any flavour you choose. One little word of warning however – unset marshmallow is the stickiest substance known to man and if you aren’t careful it will get EVERYWHERE! (Including in your hair….yes. yes I did). (more…)

Espresso Martini Cupcakes

Espresso martini cupcakes, a boozy, grown-up cupcake based on the popular cocktail.Did you know it was national cupcake week this week? I had no idea it even existed until OXO and The Happy Egg Co. contacted me and asked if I could create a cupcake recipe for the occasion and sent me a couple of their baking tools to help make them. It seems like there is a national week or day for pretty much every foodstuff nowadays…it all seems a little over the top and unnecessary to me to be perfectly honest but hey, it’s a good excuse to bake some cupcakes! (more…)

Chocolate Coffee Cardamom Biscuits

Chocolate coffee and cardamom biscuits (cookies) - Domestic GothessI’ve been feeling really old the last few days…I’ll be 29 later on this month, which yes, I know is not really very old at all. But I went out clubbing (to a rock club, of course) for the first time in over six months on Saturday, spent most of the night dancing and had a brilliant time; aaand it’s taken me four days to recover from it… I woke up the morning after and everything hurt! I like to think that I’m fairly fit, I walk at least six miles every day (dogs are brilliant for fitness), and do kettlebell/bodyweight workouts three times a week (how else do you think I get away with baking so much…?!); and yet a bit of dancing has completely done me in! Not to mention the bit where I didn’t get to bed till nearly 4am, that left me zombified for two days; I dread to think how awful I would have felt if I’d had a hangover as well… (more…)