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Raspberry, Coconut And Lemon Layer Cake

Raspberry, coconut and lemon layer cake – a gorgeous cake for Spring with coconut cake layers, raspberry buttercream and lemon curd. This post is sponsored by Lio-Licious.

Raspberry, coconut and lemon layer cake - a gorgeous cake for Spring with coconut cake layers, raspberry buttercream and lemon curd.

The weather seems to have finally taken a turn for the better and today we have blue skies and sunshine. I am hoping for a sunny Easter weekend, though that may just be wishful thinking. Whatever the weather, this lovely raspberry, coconut and lemon layer cake would make a wonderful celebration cake for Easter; or any Springtime event. (more…)

Mini Bleeding Heart Halloween Cakes

Mini red velvet layer cakes with ermine frosting topped with a bleeding heart and ganache 'blood'; perfect for Halloween

I haven’t had as much fun in the kitchen in a long time as I had making these mini bleeding heart Halloween cakes; yes I am still trying to clean the food colouring off my hands and worktops but it was a fun and almost therapeutic craft project. The hearts are the brainchild of Lily Vanilli, an incredibly talented baker and author who originally designed the hearts as an anti-valentines cake. I thought they would be great for Halloween and would look even more impressive placed on top of mini red velvet layer cakes with a cascade of ganache ‘blood’ down the side. (more…)

Espresso Martini Cupcakes

Espresso martini cupcakes, a boozy, grown-up cupcake based on the popular cocktail.Did you know it was national cupcake week this week? I had no idea it even existed until OXO and The Happy Egg Co. contacted me and asked if I could create a cupcake recipe for the occasion and sent me a couple of their baking tools to help make them. It seems like there is a national week or day for pretty much every foodstuff nowadays…it all seems a little over the top and unnecessary to me to be perfectly honest but hey, it’s a good excuse to bake some cupcakes! (more…)

Very Vanilla Layer Cake

Very vanilla cake - Domestic GothessVanilla is a flavour that is quite often overlooked, overshadowed by it’s bigger, bolder brother chocolate, it is most often used to enhance other ingredients rather than allowed to shine on it’s own. But when used well, vanilla is a beautiful stand-alone flavour, sweet, complex and comforting. I decided to bake a cake flavoured only with vanilla to highlight just how delicious it can be. (more…)

Cookie Dough Chocolate Brownie Layer Cake (AKA Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Inspired Cake)

chocolate chip cookie dough brownie cakeThis cake is a beast… When I mentally planned it (over the course of about a month…) I didn’t envision it being quite so tall…I purposefully used my smallest cake tins so that it didn’t turn out too large…I failed. So you know, maybe save this one to make when you have more than just four people to eat it… (more…)