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Mincemeat, Marzipan And Apple Bread Wreath

Mincemeat, marzipan and apple bread wreath – an impressive festive centrepiece full of Christmassy flavours.

mincemeat, marzipan and apple bread wreath - an impressive braided bread centrepiece full of Christmas flavour!

One last post before Christmas! This mincemeat, marzipan and apple bread wreath is an impressive centrepiece that would be perfect for a festive breakfast. I somehow ended up with about five jars of mincemeat leftover from making various things and there are only so many mince pies that one can eat (though that number is rather high); so I decided to make this bread wreath instead. (more…)

Chocolate Ginger Pumpkin Bread Wreath & September & October Degustabox Review

Chocolate and ginger filled yeasted pumpkin bread twisted wreath

Are we over pumpkin yet or do I still have time to share a couple more recipes? Given than tinned pumpkin will keep for years and butternut squash is available year round there’s really no reason why we should be limited to a short ‘pumpkin season’, and yet I feel like if I were to share pumpkin recipes in the Summer they would just sink without a trace. I’ve got a couple more to share before everyone loses interest, starting with this chocolate ginger pumpkin bread wreath. (more…)