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Chocolate Berry Granola

Chocolate berry granola - a healthy way to eat chocolate for breakfast!

Chocolate berry granola - a healthy way to eat chocolate for breakfast!

We are currently renovating our kitchen so cooking and baking is pretty much impossible at the moment (though I did somehow manage to make jam in the study yesterday!). So far I have learned how to plaster and next up is woodwork and tiling! It will be at least a couple of weeks yet before we are finished but hopefully the kitchen will be usable again in about a week once we put the sink in and actually have water downstairs! I will keep you updated on our progress and fingers crossed we will have a much nicer kitchen than the ugly, outdated one that we ripped out once we are done. (more…)

Healthier Chocolate Banana Waffles

Yesterday I took a trip to London to attend the first ever Best Of PinterestUK awards as several (five!) of my recipes had been shortlisted; I didn’t win in the end but my spiralized vegetable noodle bowls did come runner up in the best healthy recipe category (beaten by a recipe by Fearne Cotton) for which I won a whole kilo of chocolate. Even better than the chocolate though was actually getting to meet a load of my fellow food bloggers, most of whom I had thus far only known online and who were all even lovelier in real life. (more…)

Maple Ice Cream With Maple Caramel Swirl

male syrup ice cream

Who says ice cream is just for summer? To me, maple syrup is very much a warm, caramel-like autumn/winter flavour and this creamy maple ice cream with maple caramel swirl is one of my favourite ice cream flavours. Plus it makes an amazing replacement for vanilla ice cream with hot desserts such as apple pie or crumble and is perfect with pancakes or waffles for breakfast, maybe drizzled with a little extra maple caramel… (more…)