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Yellow Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Yellow vanilla cake with chocolate ganache frosting - moist, tender yellow vanilla sheet cake with whipped chocolate ganache and M&M's.

I’m heading off to Bloodstock festival tomorrow; I go to at least one festival every year and am usually very well prepared way in advance. This year however it seems like time has gone by much quicker than usual and I am utterly unprepared, so today is going to be spent in a mad rush trying to get everything packed and sorted. I haven’t even cleaned our tent after last years camping so that is going to be a grim job! (more…)

Chocolate & Vanilla Gold Sprinkles Cake

Chocolate & vanilla gold sprinkles cake - velvety American white cake dyed turquoise with fudgy chocolate buttercream & a cascade of gold sprinkles

It’s been a while since I last made a layer cake, I didn’t even make one for my birthday (I had ice cream instead), the reason for this is that they are so big and there is mostly just the two of us to eat it. Therefore I will take advantage of any occasion where there is a gathering of people large enough to make one; a couple of weeks ago there was just such an occasion – a barbecue for a friends birthday so of course I made a cake. (more…)